LEA_M is a musician, composer, illustrator, artist, and producer from Berlin.

In her compositions, she combines Bossa Nova, Latin and African rhythms and connects diverse styles and techniques from different culture areas and languages. 
Her lyrics and musical moods evolve from the untranslatable Portuguese word for solitude, melancholy, longing, and wanderlust: saudade. 

Growing up in an artistic and musical home she plays various instruments, mostly the classical Spanish guitar and performed in various constellations such as Jazz-combos or acoustic bands. 

In 2010/2011 she traveled Latin America. In Buenos Aires, she studied the local Latin American music styles and participated in the Costa Rican music scene playing in bars and open mic sessions. Back in Europe, she recorded her first 2 demo-concept-tapes Al Mar (recorded in Berlin) and Mi Ciudad (recorded in Lisbon). 

In 2015 she released the album A Casa. 
She got her degree as a composer in 2017 and opened a small studio, the underscore_studio, in which she recorded and released her latest album Meu Jardim. 
Currently, she is working on her next album So/Nido, which will be released in July 2019. 

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