The salon – according to Duden a “representative space as a social room“, but also a “circle of people who meet regularly and constantly exchange views on art, literature, science and politics“.
In this meaning, the Underscore_Salon represents a platform of the Underscore_Studio: we want to present, inspire, criticize, exchange with each other.
In the tradition of the Kultursalons, we, that is Lea and Clemens, are committed to the exchange and discussion of artistic expression.
Artists or simply experimenters of all stripes are invited to participate in this attempt of looking at the cultural present.
The doors of the Studio in Berlin-Friedenau are open to many different forms:

The event series _NudeNoise highlights sonic worlds of experience.
Whether voice, sound or silence, they all contribute to shaping our auditory perception. We want to fill and condense space, only to unload it again afterwards.

The event series _BlindImages alludes to the visual of our perception. Light, shadow, dimensions, speed. How can we question our world, which is strongly shaped by the sighted sense, play with it?

These two series have been our guide so far. Of course, they merge into each other, and we do not juxtapose the two series, but see them to complementing each other.
Other forms are also conceivable and have already been incorporated into the events.

Forms of events include exhibitions, discussions, film screenings, installations, concerts, readings, performances, theater, dance …

But of course we are enthusiastic about further, innovative, eccentric, inclusive formats!